Educational Video Library of Dental Medicine
We thoroughly check your teeth for defects, caries, cracks or any other abnormalities. We also examine your gingiva and bone support around the teeth to check for signs of gum disease.
Oral Cancer Screenings
We check all areas of your head, mouth, and jaws for signs of abnormalities.
Either the dentists, or the hygienist will clean your teeth of plaque and tartar build-up which can accumulate over time. Cleanings are usually recommended on a six month interval, in some instances for people who have gum disease or are likely to develop gum disease, more frequent cleanings are recommended.
Under total comfort, we remove decay in the tooth and replace the structure with a white filling material.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Many methods and combinations can be used to make a patient more confident and happy with their smile. We strive to give you a smile you will love and be happy to show off.
A thin layer of porcelain which is applied and permanently placed on the front of your teeth. Veneers can work wonders in the right situations and applications to give you a smile you will love.
Can be used in many applications, whether to close a small gap in the front of your teeth or fix a broken tooth, we can make your smile as good as new.
We utilize white (natural) colored filling materials to restore your teeth so no one will ever know you had dental work.
When a tooth doesn’t have enough structure remaining to support another filling, a crown is usually indicated. It is a 360 degree coverage over a tooth and protects the remaining tooth structure underneath.
When you are missing a tooth, a bridge is sometimes an option when you have a tooth in front of and in back of the missing tooth space. Crowns are placed on the adjacent teeth and the gap is “bridged” with a permanent restoration.
Some people choose to have an implant done to replace a missing tooth. Once the implant is placed by the specialist (either an oral surgeon or periodontist) and allowed to heal, we will place the crown on the implant to restore your mouth to proper function.
We will fabricate beautiful, natural looking dentures to improve your function.
An option when someone is missing some teeth but are not candidates for a bridge, a partial denture replaces all your missing teeth in one removable appliance.
Sometimes teeth can't be fixed and an extraction is the only treatment option. We can assist you in this diagnosis, subsequent (non-surgical)